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Home to the original and traditional Korean unarmed martial art, Complete Taekwon-Do is a place of learning and sincerity as a house of discipline. Emphasizing principles of hard work, dedication, consistency, compassion, and respect in all forms, we believe Taekwon-Do can be made both engaging and enjoyable for everyone from all walks of life. Our instructors are not only dedicated to the improvement of our students Taekwon-Do skills, but to their individual growth and development in all areas of their lives. We maintain that Taekwon-Do is not only kicking and punching, but a fantastically simple and peaceful way of both thinking and living.


M. Borland

Master Malarkey is an incredible instructor. He has extensive experience teaching all levels of students and is a great role model for kids. My son has benefited immensely from his instruction and guidance.

Blythe Rudolph

This place is amazing ! My five year old has learned so much. The instructors are super patient and engaging! Can’t say enough good things about this school!

Christa R.

Excellent Tae Kwon Do Masters who trained my kids for over a decade. Precise, kind and dedicated.

R. Espinosa

Mi hijo era muy tímido y decidimos inscribirlo en la escuela (Complete Taekwon-Do) los instructores son muy buenos y de carácter fuerte (Master Mark Nathanson y Master Chris Malarkey), el cual  ayuda mucho a la formación de los estudiantes. Ellos son mas que instructores de Taekwon-do porque les enseñan valores como el respeto, puntualidad, honestidad, responsabilidad. Los precios son accesibles y vale la pena. Mi hijo ahora es cinta verde y quiere continuar. Es una escuela muy recomendable. 

Adelis Cuevas

When I first signed up my kids I wasn’t too sure how it would turn out knowing that the center was fairly new. Now I have my 4 children attending Complete Tae Kwon Do and I couldn’t be happier with this center! The skills that all the Master’s have is indescribable, I wouldn’t take my kids anywhere else. Master Malarkey, Master Nathan and Grandmaster Kim are highly qualified instructors teaching our children the real structure and techniques of Tae Kwon Do. This center is capable of teaching any age group! I applaud you Complete Tae Kwon Do in Bergenfield, keep up the great work! I would definitely recommend this center to anyone and everyone!

Kareen Vargas-Colon

I signed my son up for Taekwon-Do hoping he would increase his athleticism, coordination, and self-control. A year later, with the help of Master Malarkey, he has not only improved in these areas, he’s improved in his sense of belonging, responsibility and overall confidence.
Thank you so much to an amazing teacher and role model who keeps his students accountable for their actions thus allowing them to help each other and be role models for one another as well.

Y Hall

Undoubtedly the best taekwondo instruction around! Master Malarkey helped transform my children’s confidence and skills which has helped tremendously with bullying issues. His commitment as a martial artist and leader is evident and translates both on and off the mat.

Will N.

Without these two instructors I wouldn’t have the confidence or the skill I have today. Some of the highest quality teaching around

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